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About Us

The Yak Jones Foundation, founded by Dr. Mrs. Yakama Manty Jones, is focused on promoting literacy in Sierra Leone.  We believe that reading is the foundation for all learning.  Our mission is, therefore, to bring back the reading culture to Sierra Leone.
In Sierra Leone, there is limited availability of public libraries, and many schools and parents are unable to afford books (especially non-subject matter books) necessary for effective teaching and learning. Through our interventions, we seek to contribute our part in ensuring that all children gain basic literacy and numeracy skills and remain avid readers through life.

Our Approach

Increasing ‘Access’ to books:

  • Buying or sourcing donations of books and learning materials for needy schools.
  • Supplying schools with book chests / mobile libraries and solar lamps.
  • Supporting the establishment of libraries.

Raising ‘Awareness’ about the importance of reading and literacy:

  • Organising reading, comprehension and quiz competitions.
  • Giving motivational talks focused on the importance of reading.
  • Celebrating notable dates focused on reading and education,e.g. World Read Aloud Day.

Supporting ‘Learning’ to further build the culture of reading:

  • Setting up Yak Jones Reading Squads (Book Clubs).
  • Providing schools with reading coaches.
  • Supporting Teacher training.


We are always open to collaborating with national and international organisations, including the private sector who share our interest in promoting literacy and bringing back the reading culture to Sierra Leone.



Focus On The Future

  • A country with libraries in as many institutions as possible around the country.
  • A network of Reading Coaches supporting the development of literacy and reading skills across the country.
  • A generation of avid readers empowered to become more critical and independent thinkers.
  • A Nation with increased potential to develop the productivity of a ‘future worker’.