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Inaugural Reading Competition

On Saturday 29th April 2017, the Yak Jones Foundation, in partnership with Project Pikin, held its Inaugural Reading Competition at 232 Complex, Freetown. Contestants aged 6-10 were selected from 13 primary schools in Freetown, and Sierra Leoneans authored the books used for the competition. They included The Ivy series by Madam Adelaide Agyemfra, The Biggest Little Brother by Aminata Jalloh, and Puppy Princess Sheba Goes to Africa by Dr. Fatu Forna Sisay.

Dr. Yakama Manty Jones, Founder of the Yak Jones Foundation, stressed the need for initiatives such as the Project Pikin safe space library and reading competitions across the country. She also thanked all the participants, parents and well-wishers for their participation and support.

Project Pikin Donation

On March 3rd 2017, Project Pikin launched its Safe Space, Library and Resource Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Project Pikin is a non-governmental charity that seeks to cater to the needs of Sierra Leone’s growing number of street children and orphans.  The Yak Jones Foundation, which is focused on changing lives through literacy, made a donation of textbooks to the Resource Centre.

Port Loko and Bo District Donations

The Yak Jones Foundation donated chests of textbooks, storybooks, and learning materials to the Free Pentecostal Mission Academy in Port Loko, the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone Primary School in Port Loko, RC Primary School in Bandajuma, and the Methodist High School in Bo.

The books were received by the respective schools’ staff and pupils, who thanked the Yak Jones Foundation for their donation and promised to put the books to good use.


Special Book Drive

In July 2017, the Yak Jones Foundation donated chests of textbooks, storybooks, and learning materials to several schools across Sierra Leone. This special book drive provided thousands of children with access to hundreds of books around the country. Book drives are a critical component of the Yak Jones Foundation’s work to bring back the reading culture to Sierra Leone.